Episode 17

Hallowstream with Clay N. Ferno LIVE! from the Mantry


October 31st, 2021

44 mins

Season 2

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About this Episode

Clay comes out of the crypt to talk TV Gate 2021, Batman Forever, Snake-Eyes, Ghost in the Shell, 1917 and counts his comics for the contest! Hallowstream 2021 was streamed live from The Mantry™️! Plus, how to store your comic boxes in 2021! Clay picks his favorite boxes!

I Think This Is Great! with Clay N. Ferno is an interview podcast about people doing and being their best. We talk about compassionate work, working on teams, getting over hurdles and doing great things even when the chips are down. This is part productivity podcast and part interview show about fascinating people in my life. Welcome, and please let me know what you think is great!

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