Identical Cousins presents WE ‘R’ ALL PEE-WEE - I Think This is Great! with Clay N. Ferno Special Edition with guests Emily Arkin and Bridget Duggan


November 20th, 2023

47 mins 44 secs

Season 3

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Identical Cousins presents


A tribute to Pee Wee Herman at Crystal Ballroom on November 26th.

Screen Pee Wee’s Big Adventure at Somerville Theatre followed by Immersive Performance After Party in Crystal Ballroom.

What other entertainer has had the sheer cultural, aesthetic, and psychic impact of Pee-Wee Herman (aka Paul Reubens 1952–2023 R.I.P.-W,)—let alone one so subversive, deranged, arty, and queer?!

Sunday November 26th, cast off your Thanksgiving torpor with your own Big Adventure, as the Somerville Theatre & Crystal Ballroom X Identical Cousins grants your wish to fly directly into the heart of the Playhouse. After a screening of Tim Burton’s revolutionary 1985 film (served with a warm-up of highlights of the TV show), float upstairs to the ballroom for a raucous celebration of the icon’s legacy.

A Super Friends-style cast includes comedy (co-hosting: Tooky Kavanaugh, Angela Sawyer), drag (Celia Smokinbutts, Luke Warm), and oodles of live music from Pee-Wee’s universe, featuring local luminaries like Red Sox organist Josh Kantor, Patriots / Bruins deejay T. J. Connelly as D.J. Conky-2000, rock gods Hilken Mancini (as Cyndi Lauper / Pee Wee Aerobics for puppets) and Thalia Zedek (brass/winds), Teenbeat Records’ Cotton Candy (’80s commercial breaks), and a Walter Sickert cameo.

Inhabit Pee-Wee’s world with an immersive bicycle photobooth, an interactive Picture Phone, cartoons fit for a King, a Burton-esque nightmare installation, a Pee-Gee-Rated Peepshow, a commemorative activity book, on-theme cocktails, and reimagined Playhouse sets and props galore. Bust out your best elevator shoes for a Tequila dance party—bonus points and a shot at a prize for wearing your favorite Pee-Wee & friends costumes.

The Word of the Day is…you’ll just have to join the party to find out!

Note: your ticket to the after party grants you free admission to the film. 

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