Episode 20

Saturday Shorts - Wisdom App, Peacemaker Finale, Yellowstone


February 19th, 2022

7 mins 35 secs

Season 2

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Follow me on Wisdom App when I go live for Audio. Here is an episode I recorded in my room, and in my room from my Bose 700 headphones. Not the best mic but good enough.

Danielle Brooks is the Peacemaker actor’s name I couldn't think of.

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Hey, everybody. Clay N. Ferno here wanted to talk about the epic finale for HBO Max's Peacemaker, written and directed by James Gunn. We watched it last night. We loved it. We love this show. There was a special appearance by our friends in spoiler warning, it's coming - The Justice League! We had shadowed out Superman or shattered out Wonder Woman, Jason Mamoa and Ezra Miller, The Flash and Aquaman showed up at the end after a really brutal, incredibly violent, incredibly funny show. And one thing that I really like about the show. It's the costumes and special effects movie level. And it's different. It's different. We've seen lots of Marvel stuff or the past 10 plus or 15 years.

How long has Marvel been around doing these Marvel Studios? And then we got the CW shows that's great… And CW shows have really done a number on costumes, but there's something about these HBO max shows, including Titans, Peacemaker, Doom Patrol, and however they shoot it. Very bright and 4k ready, 8k ready,

They just look so amazing. Our dreams from being a kid and seeing our heroes up on the TV screen are good. They're happening now. So there's almost too much of the superhero stuff. Like I would love to watch The Boys, but I just haven't gotten into it. Another show we really like is Legends of Tomorrow which is returning, I think tonight which is another DC show.

But of course, the Marvel Disney+ shows are great. And that includes the Star Wars shows Mandalorian and Boba Fett. Let me know what you think about Peacemaker. If you saw it last night, if you intend on seeing it, I want to try not to spoil it too much if you haven't seen it, but are interested in it, do you want me to convince you?

I think I could. I think I could convince you to watch at least an episode, definitely interested in hearing what anyone has to say. I'm just all about comic books. I have. Been doing a comic book podcast for a really long time with my friends. And then I've also got my own podcast. My girlfriend is in the other room doing her workout.

It's Friday afternoon here on the East Coast, Boston MA reporting live Clay N. Ferno. I haven't been outside yet today, but maybe I'll go to the gym. Take some inspiration from Stacey with her workout and the other I'm pretty much finished up work for the day, which is cool. We watch our superhero TV shows all our TV shows late at night over dinner because we're nightclub people, Burlesque dancer, in the house here, I'm a promoter.

I'm like a club promoter. I promote comedy shows a lot of podcasts, music. Most of my days doing music, business-type stuff. But at the end of the day and my hobbies, my hobbies include my podcast, my podcast leaguepodcast.com. And we've been shooting a lot of video podcasts recently. And do you know what?

I don't even know. We just broadcast. We put it out there. We're putting it out into the world. Hope people like it. I don't know. We have some listeners. I wish we could catch it on fire. Maybe the Wisdom app is the way to go for that. Engaging conversations. But as far as, Peacemaker finale, let's talk about lots of cool action.

Funny, funny jokes. And you've got, literally, I read the James Gunn film, some of this while he was filming, while he filmed the Flash cameo on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy. There was a little bit of one hand washes the other, because the young lady that's in the show opposite John Cena, I forget her name has escaped me.

[Danielle Brooks... Sorry - ed!]. She auditioned to be in Guardians of the Galaxy 3., which they're filming now. So Guardians of the Galaxy 3. The Marvel people sort of shot it cause they were already doing a production. So the Flash cameo is shot on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy 3. And then, this young lady is a very talented actress.

Super funny. I've seen her a million things. She's wonderful, but she did her audition on the set of the Peacemaker show. I dunno something to that effect. You do a little research into that. If it's interesting to you, you'll find that out that Marvel and DC sort of came together to make sure both projects happened in a way in a small, tiny way, but it's surprising to see that. That also goes along with speaking with, speaking of the Justice League, George Perez, who is very sick right now. He is, responsible for a lot of great, great work over at Marvel and DC, and drew JLA, Justice League and Avengers crossover. A very rare thing is happening where this very rare crossover things being reprinted with permission from both huge companies, to raise money for the Hero Initiative, which is an organization that gives health insurance, the creators comic book, creators, these people that come up with all the ideas, you know, make sure they have health insurance and a way to survive.

Anyways. It's very cool thing, Marvel/DC team up. We'll probably won't see much of that, but when we do see it, we like to point it out. We do, and I speak in third person, but also from a comic book fan and a member of the community. In conclusion, love, Peacemaker, very top streaming show. What else am I streaming? If you're wondering what you're not, it's funny I got a Wisdom app notification someone else's thing come on in and listen. Okay. Maybe I will hop over that. I would tell you watching Yellowstone binging my way through that. I haven't been to a series like this 24 for Christ's sake, keep going through it, loving that we're loving Ghosts. A funny show on Paramout Plus, the new Star Trek, Legends of Tomorrow.

I don't know. I just like to, I feel like pop culture is a great thing to talk about with groups of people because you could have some commonality. You know, my Dad and I don't agree politically, we really love each other a lot. And we can talk about Yellowstone. Maybe he is getting something different out of the show than I am, but we can definitely agree that it's a great, great show.

Anyway. So think I'm going to sign off here. Thanks for joining my first Wisdom app talk with my seven fans. I hope to join you in your rooms, and I hope you come and listen to mine some other time. Maybe I'll make this a regular thing. Peace and love. Peace and Love. I just took a screenshot. Yeah, very cool. Talk to you all later.

And if you're interested, follow me on social. I have my Twitter and my. Instagram and Facebook they're all the same, and leaguepodcast.com like Justice League and then podcasts after it as a podcast leaguepodcast.com is where you find info about our comic book podcasts. ithinkthisisgreat.com is my podcast because I think a lot of things are great.

And this is kind of an extension of that podcast. Great that you guys are tuning in. I appreciate all you folks out there. Peace out. ✌️

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