Episode 21

Yellowstone Season Four Finale Equals Five Cries - "How The West Was Won", Sicario, Mark Lanegan Tribute


February 27th, 2022

11 mins

Season 2

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Never have I tuned the algorithm so quickly on YouTube so quickly to my immediate interests.

An hour after completing the Season 4 Finale of the top-streamed Taylor Sheridan show Yellowstone, I’m being fed top bull rider videos from Vice News, Stories from The Bunkhouse from the franchise itself, and Peter Travers and Kevin Costner’s making of Yellowstone interview, worthy of the embed below.

Costner was pitched Yellowstone as a 10-part movie, not a series

The actor only has 5-10 Western movies he thinks are up to snuff

Built 3 canoes before he was 18 after admiring James Stewart in How The West Was Won at a birthday party when he was 6 years old

Costner is set to start shooting period Western “Horizon” in August

The twenty-minute video gives some insight into the man who is and who plays John Dutton. I saved the Costner interview to watch after a battery of Entertainment Tonight interviews with the other stars of the show.

For the record, I’ve been watching this mostly on my own, this is not a show I watch with my long-suffering partner who I keep telling to “Cowboy Up”.

Tonight, one of her burlesque troupe members was here with her to prep for a show, while I somehow made my way through the Season Finale of Yellowstone. I have 1883 to watch now, but I am sad that I am so caught up.

I cried 5 times.

For the record, I cry when I see Costner in Man of Steel professing “You ARE my son” to young Kal-El. Every. Damn Time. At least 3 of the Yellowstone cries were for these father/son moments between the complex characters in the show.

I discovered recently that my current obsession makes a lot of sense. I’m really enjoying my new and gigantic TV with Yellowstone. Tyler Sheridan, real-life cowboy, actor, and creator of the show is responsible for one of my favorite movies in recent years, Sicario and the sequel (not as great in my mind, Sicario: Day of The Soldado. At my friend’s wedding in Puerto Rico, Benicio Del Toro was at the same resort hotel. Christ, you could have filmed part of this movie at this hotel. President Obama and the First Lady stayed there too. Badass place, with parrots.

Prior to my recent deep dive into this show, I had credited Sicario director Denis Villeneuve with the genius of that story. Visually, he’s my favorite working director in the business today. I love the overhead shots and sweeping vistas. The story presents an insider knowledge of drug cartels or at least believable fiction. For some reason, I never had a reason to look at who wrote the story I found so compelling. Sheridan’s career is vast, including Oscar nominations for 2016’s Hell or High Water. You can be your whole bunkhouse paycheck that I will be seeing that one soon.

This guy is amazing and I wish the expanded Yellowstone universe with 1883 and 6666 all the success in the world. Amazing cast, writing, action over all of these projects. Actors go to Cowboy Camp. The production films on location. Accuracy is matched with the beauty and sweeping landscapes of The West.

I’m not sure why you are not watching Yellowstone yet. I’m already planning a Montana vacation.

Last week, we lost one of the heroes of Grunge. So many are gone now. Rest in Peace, Mark Lanegan. Here's Mark with Layne playing “Long Gone Day” with Mad Season.

Here’s Mark with PJ Harvey “Hit The City”.

So much loss and it especially hurts when it’s someone struggling with sobriety (not that this was his cause of death, that has yet to be revealed and he was sick recently).

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